Review: Cases, Court Rules and Citators

You can Shepardize and KeyCite court rules.



What references can you find in Citing References in KeyCite?

All Choices.
Cases only
Regulations only
Secondary Sources only


Why are the Headnotes in Westlaw useful?

They are useful to find cases dealing with the same issue.

They are useful because when you click on them you are taken to the place in the case which discusses the matter in the Headnote.

In the image, you see Headnotes 1 and 2. If you click on the square with 1 and the square with 2, you will be sent to the place in the case where the information for those two headnotes can be found.

In this image, the arrow is pointing to numbers 1 and 2 in squares.  Number 1 is for Headnote 1 and Number 2 is for Headnote 2.  The information for both Headnote 1 and Headnote 2 came from the indicated paragraph.

Headnotes allow you to easily find out how other jurisdictions have dealt with the matter in the Headnote.

All responses are correct.


Shepard’s and KeyCite may not report cases or legislation indirectly overruling a case.

TRUE  However, Westlaw Edge has a new product – named Overruling Risk which is trying to provide information about cases that might indirectly overrule the case that you are KeyCiting.