CALI Lessons and Grading

I will be assigning a number of CALI lessons this summer which means you will see many lessons on LessonLink. Please do the CALI lessons as they are assigned.

For example, for Module 1, you needed to do three – Introduction to Search Logic and Strategies , Legal Research Methodology
and Internet Searching – Search Engines.

​Most of the lessons will not be graded. To receive credit for the non-graded lessons, you simply need to complete the lesson. However, that being said, I want you to make an honest effort in answering each question and if you have a question about any answer, please let me know. You will notice that I am not assigning a lot of assigned reading. In many instances, the CALI Lessons are the replacement for assigned reading. Take them seriously.

In the Syllabus, I mention that I might grade CALI lessons. If I decide to do that, I will give you a heads up when I will be grading a specific lesson.  I will also put the term “graded” in the title of the lesson.

CALI provides analytics for each lesson which allows me to gauge areas where there needs to be more discussion. One of the ways, that I will address those areas is in this blog.

Please let me know if you have any questions.